Aug 18

Funday Monday!

Hope you watch these and laugh out loud like I did. Just take a moment and laugh. Happy Monday!


And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s Part 2.

Keep on Rocking.

Aug 15

Summer On The Rocks

shoesThis is our summer pictorial essay. I have to say, we do live in a fairly modest-sized home, but I’m convinced no entryway or fancy foyer has enough space for my kids’ shoes. Convinced.

Every year, I try to entice my kids to do a bunch of camps and activities during summer. And every year they fight me. I remember my summer days: fun and completely unscheduled. So, I relent and choose to just live vicariously through everyone else’s summer fun Facebook posts. Every now and then, I shout out to the kids, “Bobby went to ALLLLAAAAASKA.” “Oh, look here, Jinny won the architecture debate in NYC at camp – and she’s receiving her trophy from Dwayne Wade. Look!” And then I follow up with, “Are you having a good time hanging out and just chilling this summer? How’s your bed sores from laying on that couch?”  So, here’s my journal entry for pretty much every day this summer:

Today I woke up early, previewed what I was going to do for my class, I blogged, I showered and got ready. I had coffee and breakfast and then I went to teach my class. After class, I stopped by the bank and picked up some cash, including the kids’ earnings. (Think allowance but reworded for the greater good of budget – I’m not allowing you to have money – you’re earning it.) Continue reading

Aug 11

Funday Monday!

Linda, Hunny! Listen! Look, I feel this kid’s pain. I have this argument in my head about cupcakes EVERYDAY. I just love that this mom, also known as Linda, let’s the kid make his plea.

Ellen got a hold of it and well – did a whole bunch of good on it.

In the name of cupcakes, thank you Ellen and Matthew and Linda.

Happy Funday Monday!

Aug 08

How I see it at the allergist

IMG_1803Like this door, I had no idea on what I’d walk into at the Allergist this week. Hint: It wasn’t allergies.

The other day, I took Max to his annual allergist appointment. This is our 4th year of visiting the allergist and I’m just now figuring out the routine. I ask Ricardo and Max (Lucy doesn’t need asking, she’s going to let me know regardless) if they have any questions or concerns for the allergist.  I load up all of his current medications, and I ammo myself with this year’s list of new allergy foods. Luckily, this year, the list is nill. We have no new allergic reactions to report. But I remember to tell the doctor that his allergic reactions seem to be more substantial.

We walk in with two different postures. I’m all, “Hey, guys! Look, we made it another year and still haven’t had to use the EpiPen! Hi Fives!” And then I socially shame all of the receptionists and nurses to hi five me.  Max’s biggest concern is that he had to wake up earlier than noon in the summer to attend this appointment and so he’s jockeying for some post-torture ice cream already. He’s plotting. Continue reading

Jul 30

Binge watching On The Rocks (Sounds a little redundant, I know.)

IMG_1051This is exactly what it feels like to come out of the house after a serious binge watching session.
This is either an ad for Netflix, or against it. I dunno. I’m pretty PRO-Netflix. I’m FOR Netflix. I love Netflix. It just might be the greatest invention ever. EVER. I love the whole system of it. I love that there’s no commercials. I love that there’s no 2016 political campaigns in the middle of my 2014 TV watching season. I love that I can watch something over and over and over and over again if I want. I love that I can watch an entire season of any show I choose in chronological order. And I love binge watching. I love it. Ricardo loves it. And admittedly, the kids love it. Monkey see, monkey do. And these baby monkeys saw a lot of of us monkeys watching Netflix. That’s what our high falutent smart tv is for, right? God Bless the new summer activity: binge watching.

It started with a social media blitz of Downton Abbey. That was a mix of PBS, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Basically I tried out all my flavors and found my favorite: Netflix. (If I hadn’t mentioned that before.) Continue reading

Jul 28

Monday Funday!

Happy Monday! This one fits in to a theme this week – because I’ll post later this week about our love for The Office, which Mindy Kaling starred in and produced. Just love what she has to say about her own body image and goals. “It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal slash chubby woman.” Amen to that. Finally, someone down to earth.

Jul 21

Funday Monday!

Hope y’all had a great weekend that leads in to your week.This week’s Funday Monday is a two-parter. Just stay with it. I think you’ll agree.

Well, I think I might need this the most. But I figured if I needed it, maybe it was worth sharing. I’m sure we can all use a check. See for yourself.

So, now, let’s turn that frown upside down. I find it odd and a bit insulting that the person we love the most. The one we hold most dear, and that we stood before God and family tends to get the brunt of our gossip and insults. It’s like we think they can take it. Or that because we’ve been with them the longest, that’s some kind of pass to insult them, or joke about them. But what’s harder than being the brunt of a joke? It’s receiving a compliment.

We don’t like being gossiped about. But we can’t take compliments either. So, fight the gossip, and give sincere compliments instead. And be sure to do your part and sincerely receive compliments too. Either way, talk TO people. It works. It really does.

Happy Day.

Song of the Day: (It’s gonna be a Sara Bareilles love fest these next few weeks – She’s coming to see me….woops, I mean, I’m going to see her in concert next week. Deal with it.)

Jul 17

Why Moms text

I have a few pals who deserve explanation as to why I return their calls with texts.

We text you and then you call and we don’t answer. And that probably pisses you off. So, let me explain. I can be sitting here for 3 hours, writing and working while my kids ignore me. And then I feel like I’ve got some free time, so I text you. And then you go to call me, because it’s clear I have a minute, and I did. When I texted you.

And then someone needs me, I’ve forgotten an orthodontist appointment and I hustle to the car and tack on a few errands and I’m driving all over town, or someone is bleeding, or I realize “Oh yeah, I should probably make dinner” or I forget that my phone was on silent, for 7 hours. Whatever. Continue reading

Jul 07

Funday Monday

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. The kids and I discovered this banned commercial this weekend. Can’t imagine why it was banned. Until Max and Lucy went to help with Vacation Bible School and started reciting this script with the kids…